SIG Brace Bulletin

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The BATFE has reversed course on the popular Sig Brace.  These braces have been growing in popularity with shooters across the country.  The current issue of American Handgunner even ran a piece about it.  If you are using it to shoulder mount an AR Pistol, its time to stop or face a charge of having an unregistered Short Barreled Rifle or  SBR.  Use them only as they were intended.  All letters that came with the brace are now...

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Moonclip Conversions

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We are now offering moonclip conversions.  For $260 you can have the best of both worlds.  You can still fire you S&W or Ruger revolver without clips or with.  Price includes, machining, clips, loading tool and unloading tool.  Added to any revolver work we are doing, it makes an unbelievable upgrade.  Email us for more info.

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Shop Items for sale

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In addition to the Glocks for sale we have added a few shop samples for sale.  Check out the deal on Crimson Trace grips for the Glock 19 and the Cold Steel knife.  Both of these are some of our customer’s favorites through the years.  Click link to get there now.

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Spare Ammo?

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When you are off duty, how do you load out your CCW rig?  Most of the times those of us are behind the shield or have been behind the shield might be considered lazy when it comes to off duty carry.  When I first started as a reserve, a Sergeant told me to always carry my badge, credentials and an off duty weapon.  Let me be honest; sometimes it just didn’t seem realistic. As an officer, you should be mindful that although you leave the...

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BUG (Back Up Gun)

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If you are currently serving in uniform, I want to challenge you to consider the role of a BUG (Back Up Gun).  A BUG is a small gun that is used in case the primary gun goes down.  While most agencies don’t issue these, there are often approved lists for officers to purchase their own. While working as a sworn LEO I always carried a BUG.  To my knowledge, I was 1 of 3 deputies in our small department who carried.  When I first started,...

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"Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry" Book Review

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I wanted to pass along this book as a must read for anyone who has taken a CCW class, or anyone who carries plain clothes off duty.  Massad Ayoob is a trainer that is well known in gun circles. He thinks very soundly on legal issues and is often used in trials as an expert witness. This book covers so much from the mental aspects of carrying to the basic fundamentals of getting your gear together.  You will certainly appreciate the holster...

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