Massad Ayoob Concealed Carry

I wanted to pass along this book as a must read for anyone who has taken a CCW class, or anyone who carries plain clothes off duty.  Massad Ayoob is a trainer that is well known in gun circles. He thinks very soundly on legal issues and is often used in trials as an expert witness.

This book covers so much from the mental aspects of carrying to the basic fundamentals of getting your gear together.  You will certainly appreciate the holster selection guide.  He goes over each way to carry and gives the pros and cons.

Of particular interest will be the clothing section.  Ayoob does a better job with this than just about anyone I’ve ever read.  This section is sensible and insightful with the tips that are given.

Buy the kindle edition here.  One thing about the kindle edition: the pictures are good, but as is often the case they can be out of sequence.  It’s a minor inconvenience, but it should be noted and hopefully amazon will address this.