Glock Package

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If you have a Glock in regular use (thousands of rounds shot through it) there are two things you should consider replacing. 1. In the older guns the recoil guide rod assembly. I think they run less than $10. The plastic guide rod system is a weaker point in the design. 2. Magazine Springs. Wolff makes replacement packs of 3 for less than $20. Notice the theme; it’s the springs. They are a wear item on the gun and for the minimal cost,...

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Glock Mounted Light: 1st and 2nd Gen

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These are finally available again.  Let us know if you are interested!! If you own an older model Glock, you are limited in the area of weapons mounted lights. While you may be down, you are certainly not out. If your Glock doesn’t have a light rail, now you can get one added. This is a great option, and it is so much better than having a light attached to your magazine which is definitely not going to win you any style points. The rail...

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New Look for MCC

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You may have noticed a new look on the MCC website!  We made the jump about two weeks ago and we are excited about our new home.  Hopefully you have enjoyed the new pics as well.  You can keep up with all that is happening around MCC in our NEWS section. We still have several Glocks for sale at this time.  This is a little unusual for us, but it works out great for you.  They can be configured in any way that you like.  Prices are...

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Glocks for Sale

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Check out our Gunbroker Auction listing.  They won’t last at the gunbroker prices because they reflect a significantly discounted price. Right now we are offering two  three brand new Glocks for sale.  Buying the Glocks from us and ordering the work saves in 2 different areas.  1.  You do not have to ship your Glock to us.  2.  We test fire all the guns so you don’t pay a test fire fee.  The total savings represents about $100-$135 in...

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Trausch Grips

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Many of you have been asking about Trausch grips that we featured on the site a while back.  Unfortunately the word we have is that the owner passed away and no one is  making them.  So far that leaves Hogue and Pachmayer for rubber grips and Badger grips for those of you who are interested in a wood grip.  We are no longer supplying grips for customers, but we are willing to install them on your build free of charge if you send them with the...

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