Cost $150
6 Hours
Prerequisite: Any Concealed Carry Permit
Class size: Maximum 5

The Advanced pistol course is for those who have successfully completed our TN Handgun Permit/NRA Basic Pistol Course.  This course answers the question, “So I have a Handgun Permit, now what?”

The entire day is spent at the range learning the basics of carrying a concealed weapon.  We build upon your basic knowledge to firm up the fundamentals and move to the next level of shooting.

The range session will be dynamic.  Prepared to be moving a lot and to be on the ground shooting from different positions.  We will cover drawing, reloading, strong hand shooting, weak hand shooting, shooting on the move and shooting from barricades.

Equipment List:

-Eye and Ear Protection
-Handgun with 3 mags or revolver.  Handgun can be rented for $25 plus ammo.
-300 Rounds of ammo (you may not need it all, but be prepared) No hollow points or soft points allowed.
-Holster with 2 mag pouches.
-Baseball cap or wide brimmed hat.
-Collared shirt with proper attire for being outside.  No Flip Flops.
-Snacks/lunch including water

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