You may have noticed a new look on the MCC website!  We made the jump about two weeks ago and we are excited about our new home.  Hopefully you have enjoyed the new pics as well.  You can keep up with all that is happening around MCC in our NEWS section.

We still have several Glocks for sale at this time.  This is a little unusual for us, but it works out great for you.  They can be configured in any way that you like.  Prices are representative of what we normally add to these guns.

Revolvers continue to be coming through the doors for custom work.  Just finished another SP 101 and a S&W 60-4 which are always fun to work on.

If you have a need for Glock, 1911, or revolver right now, please let us know.  Turnaround time remains around 3 weeks which is one of the best in our business!  Happy Friday!