s&w 642

If you are currently serving in uniform, I want to challenge you to consider the role of a BUG (Back Up Gun).  A BUG is a small gun that is used in case the primary gun goes down.  While most agencies don’t issue these, there are often approved lists for officers to purchase their own.

While working as a sworn LEO I always carried a BUG.  To my knowledge, I was 1 of 3 deputies in our small department who carried.  When I first started, many of my colleagues laughed at the idea of carrying a BUG.  They didn’t see the point.  I wasn’t looking to be seen as tough.  I did it for my own piece of mind.  I carried 2 lights, 2 sets of cuffs, 3 knives.   The old idea of 1 is none and 2 is 1 held true for me.

Having been around the range for more hours than I care to count I have seen all guns have failures (Yes even Glocks!).  A BUG could be a life saver for you in the time of your greatest crisis.  If the primary runs dry, is taken, or becomes disabled, the BUG could save your life.

My personal BUG was a J-Frame 38 special S&W.  Many guys are now carrying the Ruger LCP.  Mine rode in an inexpensive ankle holster from Uncle Mikes.  You don’t have to put a lot of money in this, but it should be 100% comfortable.

If you have never carried a BUG, try one out this month.  You may find that the thought you put into it will be worth your life one day.