When you are off duty, how do you load out your CCW rig?  Most of the times those of us are behind the shield or have been behind the shield might be considered lazy when it comes to off duty carry.  When I first started as a reserve, a Sergeant told me to always carry my badge, credentials and an off duty weapon.  Let me be honest; sometimes it just didn’t seem realistic.

As an officer, you should be mindful that although you leave the job to go home, parts of the job follow you around when you don’t want them.  This could include interesting people from your past.  I saw the first person I ever transported to jail all the time!  I would walk into a restaurant and he would be there.  Once I arrived at a tee box and he was with his dad playing around of golf in front of me.  You have to love a small town.

Since you know you should carry off duty, make sure you carry adequate ammo.  An extra magazine can get a gun running again fast.  Do you really trust 5 shots to your J-Frame?  It might be easier than you think, especially in the winter when you are normally wearing a coat.  Don’t go soft when you think you are safe.  Load out the right way.