Rack-it LLC

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I wanted to take a moment and put a new product before you guys.  I recently had the opportunity to talk to Mike Love, the CEO of Rack-it LLC about their business.  My father-in-law had told me about them a few months ago, and Mike was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone and send a few products for me to check out. The Rack-it product line allows you to rack the gun with only one hand.  Mike designed the product to help people...

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SIG Brace Bulletin

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The BATFE has reversed course on the popular Sig Brace.  These braces have been growing in popularity with shooters across the country.  The current issue of American Handgunner even ran a piece about it.  If you are using it to shoulder mount an AR Pistol, its time to stop or face a charge of having an unregistered Short Barreled Rifle or  SBR.  Use them only as they were intended.  All letters that came with the brace are now...

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Moonclip Conversions

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We are now offering moonclip conversions.  For $260 you can have the best of both worlds.  You can still fire you S&W or Ruger revolver without clips or with.  Price includes, machining, clips, loading tool and unloading tool.  Added to any revolver work we are doing, it makes an unbelievable upgrade.  Email us for more info.

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Engraved SP 101

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Is there anything better than an engraved gun?  I have a certain affection for them because the man responsible for sending me down the gunsmithing path was a Colt Engraver.  His work was unbelievable! This SP 101 is a Talo edition.  We did the trigger work and provided the Big Dot sight to make it shoot as good as it looks.  If you might want some engraving done, please contact us.  We have done several project guns in the past and they are...

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Glock 36 Stippling

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Just finished work on this awesome Glock 36.  Notice the clean lines of the stippling. This style of stippling is very effective.  It provides great grip without being too rough.  Much improved over the factory treatment. This one also was treated to a trigger job and night sights.  Contact us for your next project and don’t leave your Glock stock!!

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