Big Dot Holster Fit Issues

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Dave asked a great question that I have never thought about addressing on the blog concerning holster fit issues when using Big Dot’s on a Ruger SP101.  Our experience has been that this isn’t an issue.  While they are a big front sight, they are not so big as to cause holster fit issues in most cases.  Since we started doing the conversion several years ago, we haven’t had anyone inform us of an issue. In fact, we install...

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Meprolight Night Sight for Ruger SP101

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This weekend we put a Meprolight Night Sight on a Ruger SP101 for the first time.  I don’t have any pictures because the gun had been extensively modified by another gunsmith, and I didn’t want anyone to think we were projecting that work as our own.  Why the customer chose to have us do the installation was not discussed, we were just glad to have the work. The Meprolight Night Sight is similar in form and function to the XS Big...

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Changes for 2010

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MCC is trying to get into the new decade with a few changes.  Since our inception 4 years ago, we have accepted payment by check or money order.  This was done to simply things for us, and because when we started we didn’t even have a website since 100% of our business came from the local area where we were located. Today that has almost completely changed.  We now have 90% of our business coming from competitive shooters, persons...

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Ruger SP101 Conversion

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We have been waiting for a while to be able to announce the MCC Custom SP 101 package, and we are finally ready to start filling orders.  As with all of our most popular packages this one was customer driven.  We were asked to take a stock SP 101 and turn it into a custom CCW piece that is also a beautiful piece to add to any collection. We started out with an SP 101 DAO in .357 Magnum.  To be sure this has to be one of the best platforms...

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