We have been waiting for a while to be able to announce the MCC Custom SP 101 package, and we are finally ready to start filling orders.  As with all of our most popular packages this one was customer driven.  We were asked to take a stock SP 101 and turn it into a custom CCW piece that is also a beautiful piece to add to any collection.

ruger sp101.2

We started out with an SP 101 DAO in .357 Magnum.  To be sure this has to be one of the best platforms around for any of the small revolvers made to today.  It has a heft to it that balances well and makes shooting .357 Mag a lot easier than some of the other offerings that are available today.

We addressed several issues for our customer.  To start with we bead blasted the frame to give it a great matte finish.  This certainly makes this gun better suited for a CCW application than the factory polished stainless.  We then performed a complete trigger job which included polishing every plunger and all bearing surfaces.  We followed that with a mirror polish of the trigger itself.

The final touches were a set of Badger grips provided by the customer, and a XS 24/7 tritium night sight to replace the factory front sight.  From the photos you can tell that this gun is definitely not the same.

sp 101.3

sp 101.4

This gun is not only a looker, but it is a serious piece of hardware.  At the range it shot great.  The new sight made target acquisition an easy thing.  The grips helped to control the gun during rapid fire.

While it will shoot .357 Mag just fine, I prefer .38 special in this gun because recoil is not noticeable at all.  This gun makes much more sense for a lady or a vehicle gun than a S&W airlite for that reason alone.  It is definitely heavier so it might not serve as well for a BUG gun, but it is so much more fun to shoot than most BUG guns I have ever shot.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email.  We are now accepting orders for the MCC SP101 package that includes everything mentioned above.  Price for this package is $325.