This weekend we put a Meprolight Night Sight on a Ruger SP101 for the first time.  I don’t have any pictures because the gun had been extensively modified by another gunsmith, and I didn’t want anyone to think we were projecting that work as our own.  Why the customer chose to have us do the installation was not discussed, we were just glad to have the work.

The Meprolight Night Sight is similar in form and function to the XS Big Dot Sight that we have put on SP101’s before, but there are a few differences in my opinion that might help you make a decision between the two.  The XS Big Dot is obviously a lot bigger while the Meprolight looks a little cleaner.  Both sights show up well in low light conditions, but the XS Big Dot draws your eyes right better than the Meprolight.  As far as cost the XS Big Dot runs about $10 more than the Meprolight.

If you are trying to make a decision about these two sights let me offer two opinions on the matter:

  1. If you want a site that is more for a carry gun that is going to need to be ready when you use it, the XS Big Dot is the sight to get.  It just makes it so easy to see the front sight.  There is no searching for it.  If you want the ability to carry the SP101, but primarily use it for range use the Meprolight is perfect.  It will give you the best of both worlds.
  2. If you like your guns to look a little cleaner, the Meprolight is definitely the way to go.  I am never really concerned with this, but I know that many of you take this into consideration when you are looking for custom modifications.  The Meprolight will not draw a lot of attention.

Hope this helps if you are looking for some night sight options for your SP101.