Two Glock Parts You Should Replace

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If you have a Glock pistol you have purchased one of the best pistol platforms that have ever been made.  They are rock solid and reliable.  The best part about them for many people is the simplicity that comes in being a Glock owner.  While Glock modifications are endless, generally there isn’t much to do once you get your trigger smoothed up and add some decent sights. However, there are two parts that it never hurts to replace in your...

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Glock Tool Kit

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If you are looking to do some work on your Glock, there are three essential tools that you must have and practice with before beginning to customize your pistol. Now you probably have 2 out of 3, and if you don’t you can get them at any hardware store. Hammer:  NOT FOR PINS!!.  You actually only need the hammer to bang out the rear sight with a punch when you are getting rid of the cheap factory plastic sights. 3/32″ pin punch:  All...

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XS Sights

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Many of you are by now familiar with the XS sighting system.  These sights are unique because they are not a typical notch and post system.  The XS sights are like dotting the “i” in school.  All you have to do is place the front sight dot on the line in the rear sight.  The rear sight features a shallow “V” that helps get everything aligned. They come in two basic variations; a standard front dot and a Big Dot.  We have...

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