Many of you are by now familiar with the XS sighting system.  These sights are unique because they are not a typical notch and post system.  The XS sights are like dotting the “i” in school.  All you have to do is place the front sight dot on the line in the rear sight.  The rear sight features a shallow “V” that helps get everything aligned.

They come in two basic variations; a standard front dot and a Big Dot.  We have been putting a lot of these on lately and are more and more impressed with them as we continue to test them.  If your eyesight gives you trouble you would want to try the Big Dot version.  If that isn’t a problem for you yet, you may prefer the standard dot.

Either way you are getting one of the fastest sights available today, and don’t believe any of the hype that they are inaccurate.  At 10 yards we have no trouble keeping all shots in a 3″ bullseye.  If you get a chance, check them out.  We don’t think you will be disappointed.