If you have a Glock pistol you have purchased one of the best pistol platforms that have ever been made.  They are rock solid and reliable.  The best part about them for many people is the simplicity that comes in being a Glock owner.  While Glock modifications are endless, generally there isn’t much to do once you get your trigger smoothed up and add some decent sights.

However, there are two parts that it never hurts to replace in your Glock pistol.  In fact in all my time working on Glocks I have only seen two parts ever fail.  One of them was from abuse.  The other came from regular shooting.

If you have an older Glock you should invest the money to replace the recoil spring and its captured guide rod.  The part is inexpensive, and it is one of the two that I have seen broken.  This part should be in your pistol box.

The other part is the magazine spring.  These can be purchased three for $10.  They are integral to having a pistol that functions.  Before you start commenting on how great your Glock is and you haven’t ever changed the springs, let me remind you it is about maintenance not failure.  Think of these two items as you would the oil and tires on your vehicle.  A little preventative work goes along way.

By the way if you get the Glock Carry Package these items are replaced standard.