The Art of the Dynamic Handgun

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A friend of mine came by the other night to pick up a really cool gun that he had ordered, and he dropped me a surprise; The Art of the Dynamic Handgun, by Magpul Industries.  It’s a 4 DVD set that follows Travis Haley and Chris Costa as they teach the Handgun Course to a group of shooters. The first thing that I want to say about these DVDs is that they are some of the best produced gun DVDs I have ever seen.  Most gun DVDs look like...

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Sighting in Your AR-15

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One of the questions that is floating around is how to sight in the AR-15.  The AR is an unbelievable platform that works well for Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian competition.  The AR is accurate, low recoiling, and completely customizable making it the best choice for many shooters. D.R. Middlebrooks of Tactical Shooting Academy is famous for saying the AR is good for anything from 3 yards to 300 yards.  Considering your options for...

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Shooting Targets at Different Distances

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I want to show a video of Rick Simes, from the Tactical Shooting Academy, shooting targets at different distances to show you should engage your competition targets.  One of things we all struggle with is trying to be faster.  Rick does a good job of taking the time on the longer shots, and moving quickly through his closer shots.  When you have distance, take the time to get a good sight picture, and trigger pull to break the shot....

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Grip It!!

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It’s a good time to reevaluate some of the fundamentals of shooting, and nothing could be more foundational to handgunners than your grip. Your grip should be high on the gun with the middle of your fingers riding in a direct line to your trigger guard.  The off hand should be knuckle row on knuckle row.  Everyone needs to practice their draw stroke with the proper grip.[See D.R. Middlebrooks Tactical Shooting site for more info] Two...

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How to Read Your Misses

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Becoming a better shooter involves many things practice, better trigger control, and mastering the fundamentals.  All of these things are crucial to becoming a great shooter, but one thing that is often overlooked by novice shooters is reading  your misses.  To understand this, you need to know that reading your misses can be pretty simple. If you consistently shoot low on your target there are two things that could be at work.  One is that...

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