A friend of mine came by the other night to pick up a really cool gun that he had ordered, and he dropped me a surprise; The Art of the Dynamic Handgun, by Magpul Industries.  It’s a 4 DVD set that follows Travis Haley and Chris Costa as they teach the Handgun Course to a group of shooters.

The first thing that I want to say about these DVDs is that they are some of the best produced gun DVDs I have ever seen.  Most gun DVDs look like they were shot at a range with a handycam.  You just don’t get what you pay for in many cases.  These were done first rate with great editing.  You definitely won’t get bored watching these, and for $50, they are a solid value.

The Dynamic Handgun shows civilians, military and law enforcement how to properly deploy a handgun in many situations you are likely to see on the street.  They cover basics and advanced shooting positions that you should practice but normally don’t.   The one thing I came away with is that my training has been far too soft lately.   It is too easy to go shoot a few mags at the range and never get dirty or tired.  This obviously leads to a plateau of skills that are rusting away.

Interestingly enough for all you Fist-Fire fans, the shooting position looks familiar.

If you want to see a preview, check out their stuff on You Tube.