Do you need a laser?

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We have been really busy lately teaching classes and generally sweating to death.  In the last class we had, I was asked the question that keeps coming up in all our classes; “What do you think about lasers?” I personally like lasers for those of you who need help seeing the sights because of being in the bifocal stage of life, but they may not be as beneficial to the rest of the shooting world as you are being led to believe. Check...

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12 Days of Christmas for Shooters: Day 9

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One of the best accessories out there right now are the new lasers that are being offered for self-defense.  The most recognizable may be those from Crimson Trace, but other companies like Laser Max are also putting some great stuff out there. Lasers give you another way to line up a shot in low light, they provide shooters with bifocals the chance to shoot without seeing fuzzy sights, and they also provide a sense of security and possibly a...

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