One of the best accessories out there right now are the new lasers that are being offered for self-defense.  The most recognizable may be those from Crimson Trace, but other companies like Laser Max are also putting some great stuff out there.

Lasers give you another way to line up a shot in low light, they provide shooters with bifocals the chance to shoot without seeing fuzzy sights, and they also provide a sense of security and possibly a level of intimidation to any intruders.

Don’t misunderstand, these are not the cure all of your shooting woes.  They won’t help you squeeze the trigger or decide when to shoot.  But they can be very useful in assisting your shooting needs.

These units are definitely high on the cool factor, but they don’t come cheap.  Expect to pay $200 and up for most of the units.  If you are buying these, you either love yourself or someone else a whole lot.