The Complexity of CCW

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One of the things that I get asked every week is how to choose the right handgun for someone.  If that person is simply going to keep the gun at home for personal defense the answer is easier to discover.  However, if they plan on carrying the gun for CCW or off duty  work the answer isn’t as simple.  It’s kind of like asking what clothes you need to buy this year. Obviously for off duty carry the main goal is to have a firearm...

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Fall Is Here!

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No doubt all of you have rejoiced with the cool weather coming, because it just makes it easier to get you regular guns back out and put the little ones away.  I believe Clint Smith said that guns should be comforting, not comfortable, but that is hard to do when it is 90+ degrees outside. Don’t forget that even though you have more options you should still be careful about printing.  This is best accomplished with good outer garments and...

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MTAC Holsters

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One of my friends was kind enough to let me check out his new MTAC holster made by Minotaur, distributed through Comp-Tac.  The MTAC is an IWB holster that a hybrid of leather and Kydex.  This sets it apart from most other IWB holsters that are made from either one the other of the two materials. IWB is the single most concealed option if you want to take advantage of your belt in your CCW system.  Many attribute the IWB to the famous holster...

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SOB Carry

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SOB can mean something that isn’t polite to say, but in the world of CCW it means Small OF Back.  I recently carried an SP101 this way.  It is one of the best ways to conceal no matter what your attire is for the day. SOB carry can be done with an expensive holster from Galco or other makers, but you just as easily carry with a very inexpensive Inside the Waist Band holster from Unlce Mikes.  These neoprene type holsters can be found all...

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