No doubt all of you have rejoiced with the cool weather coming, because it just makes it easier to get you regular guns back out and put the little ones away.  I believe Clint Smith said that guns should be comforting, not comfortable, but that is hard to do when it is 90+ degrees outside.

Don’t forget that even though you have more options you should still be careful about printing.  This is best accomplished with good outer garments and good holsters.  Remember you bought that $500 gun, don’t put it in a $10 holster.

As far as holsters go, paddle holsters are certainly the easiest do deal with when you take the pistol on and off, but they generally offset the pistol from your body.  Inside the waist band or a good belt holster will serve you better.  I am using the Wild Bill’s Concealment right now. It is one of the many options you have today.  Everybody is making them, just find one that works for you and your pistol.