One of my friends was kind enough to let me check out his new MTAC holster made by Minotaur, distributed through Comp-Tac.  The MTAC is an IWB holster that a hybrid of leather and Kydex.  This sets it apart from most other IWB holsters that are made from either one the other of the two materials.

IWB is the single most concealed option if you want to take advantage of your belt in your CCW system.  Many attribute the IWB to the famous holster maker Milt Sparks whose Summer Special is a classic.  The obvious benefits are the concealability and the fact that it is the easiest way to carry a full size firearm.  The downside is that the holsters are generally hard to use when reholstering your firearm, and for many people it is just plain uncomfortable.  If you are into wearing those skinny jeans that are fashionable today (I assume if you are reading this, you probably don’t) give up now.  It will never work.

I have carried a Colt Commander IWB for many years off duty.  I love the 1911 platform, but I found that traditional holsters didn’t seem to work well enough for me.  IWB allowed me to carry the firearm securely and discreetly, but  I have never tried to carry my Glocks IWB because they seemed too bulky.

The MTAC changes all of that.  The hybrid combination makes it great.  The Kydex allows the gun to snap into place securely, and it allows for easy reholstering.  No worries about the mouth of  the holster closing up under the pressure of your belt.  Reholstering was simple and fast.  The leather backing on the holster makes it extremely comfortable against your body.  To be honest, I was simply amazed at how comfortable it was.  The holster was canted forward similar to the FBI cant which made it perfect all day where.  The butt of the gun doesn’t want to fall away from your body which tended to happen a lot with my IWB holster and the Commander.

How comfortable is this holster?  Recently my friend actually had to stop driving to check if he still had his firearm.  The holster had done its job.