Dawson Precision Glock Magwell

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Dawson Precision is perhaps best known for their 1911 style race guns.  They build beautiful guns on the STI 2011 frames for competitive shooting in IPSC .  While known for those 1911’s they also make accessories for a lot of other guns including the Glock.  This picture is of the DP Ice Magwell on a Glock 17L.  As you can see it would certainly aid as a funnel for faster reloads.  The magwell comes with a replaceable plastic insert that...

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The End Of a Great Year

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This year has been a wonderful year for so many reasons.  We have seen more and more of you come to the website and participate with us.  The blog has been growing steadily which has provided much satisfaction.  Many of you are now first time gun owners as of last November.  All in all a good year. As I look back on 2009, I am pleased that we have introduced a few new things to you this year like the Ruger SP101 conversion.  We are sometimes...

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Shooting Targets at Different Distances

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I want to show a video of Rick Simes, from the Tactical Shooting Academy, shooting targets at different distances to show you should engage your competition targets.  One of things we all struggle with is trying to be faster.  Rick does a good job of taking the time on the longer shots, and moving quickly through his closer shots.  When you have distance, take the time to get a good sight picture, and trigger pull to break the shot....

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Todd Jarrett Hat Cam

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Here is a video of Todd Jarrett shooting an IPSC stage with a hat cam.  It provides a great vantage of how incredibly fast the top shooters are moving while they run these stages.  After the hat cam the video shows him shooting it with a traditional camera view.  Notice his mag transitions.  Very smooth, and always while moving. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAFG5ahTMlQ]

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Practice Like You Plan to Play

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If you carry a gun on a daily basis, outside of a uniformed position, I have a question for you:  Do you carry the gun you shoot the most?  Being a competitive shooter myself I find that I am often lacking in practice time for my real gun. For many years I have shot a Glock 17 in IDPA.  This gun has had untold thousands of rounds put through it, but my S&W J-frame has not had even 1,000 rounds sent out of it.  Obviously this presents a...

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