This year has been a wonderful year for so many reasons.  We have seen more and more of you come to the website and participate with us.  The blog has been growing steadily which has provided much satisfaction.  Many of you are now first time gun owners as of last November.  All in all a good year.

As I look back on 2009, I am pleased that we have introduced a few new things to you this year like the Ruger SP101 conversion.  We are sometimes asked to do things just like this that have become so popular they just stay with us.

We have also tried hard to keep you in the loop with good information on a variety of topics that included many different product reviews.  I have been most interested to see all of your interest in the Taurus Judge.  Does this mean more and more of you are buying shotgun pistols, or are you just casually interested?

Well, here are some things to watch out for in the coming weeks and months as we get ready for 2010:

  1. AR-15- there are some big things happening here with the AR-15 platform.  Things are falling into place after a 5 month process.  We love the platform, and think you will love what we will be offering.
  2. More product reviews.  Woolrich has been so good to us this year.  They have consistently responded with product for us every single time we have asked for it.  Right now we have requested products from Blackhawk, 5.11, and Eotac for a tactical polo round up.  Hopefully we will have something for you soon.
  3. New variations of the SM-1 package.  If you have an M-3 light, we have something cool for you.
  4. More information on competitive shooting sports.
  5. Finally, we are trying to work out the beginnings of Mossy Creek Training Academy, to begin offering the CCW permit for the State of TN.

Here is what we need from you: ideas, products to review and of course interesting projects.  The ideas can be about anything gun related.  The products to be reviewed can be sent to us anytime your company would like.  The interesting projects are always welcome.