Dawson Precision is perhaps best known for their 1911 style race guns.  They build beautiful guns on the STI 2011 frames for competitive shooting in IPSC .  While known for those 1911’s they also make accessories for a lot of other guns including the Glock.  This picture is of the DP Ice Magwell on a Glock 17L.  As you can see it would certainly aid as a funnel for faster reloads.  The magwell comes with a replaceable plastic insert that is designed to make the transition from the magwell to the frame flawless.  Cost is $72

Can you see why they call it a funnel?










The photo below shows a standard mag with the DP Glock extension installed.  This adds about 4 rounds of 9mm to the mag.  It also makes it easier to load and reload as you are shooting at the range.  They cost $32.95 and come with a new spring.  We can modify the follower for you so they function reliably when we install the base pad.









So, are you ready to bling out your Glock?