Gun Rust

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Gun Rust is an owner’s worst nightmare.  You have saved for a long time to finally be able to afford that great shotgun for the bird season.  You took your time picking it out.  Of course you had your favorite gunsmith fit it for you.  Everything is a go.  Before you left the store, you decided to get a fancy case to keep your gun  safe as you travel.  You go home, put it in the closet and are devastated when you pull it out to find...

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What we do.

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Mossy Creek Custom has been a work in progress for many years.  It started with my first job dealing with guns.  I was fortunate enough to work for a great guy who was willing to take a chance on me.  From that point until now I have been blessed to work with some incredible individuals, all of whom have contributed to make Mossy Creek Custom what it is today. What separates MCC from other shops is that we are interested in your success as a...

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