Mossy Creek Custom has been a work in progress for many years.  It started with my first job dealing with guns.  I was fortunate enough to work for a great guy who was willing to take a chance on me.  From that point until now I have been blessed to work with some incredible individuals, all of whom have contributed to make Mossy Creek Custom what it is today.

What separates MCC from other shops is that we are interested in your success as a shooter, competitor, hunter or COP.  It’s not just about a sale.  Many times we will talk a customer out of sale because we know it won’t be good for him/her in the long run.  We want our clients to be well informed and comfortable with all of their purchases and completely satisfied with our gunsmithing.

Some of our services include, L/E contracts  for web gear, guns and knives.  We have a certified Glock armorer, an AR armorer, and a 1911 armorer ready to customize or repair your weapon.  We also do general gun repair, and because we believe in good relationships, if you have a problem we can’t fix, we know someone who can.

Good relationships make all the difference in the world.  We know most of our customers on a first name basis, and this helps tremendously when they have a problem.  They know they are going to get solid service from someone who cares about their hobby or profession, not someone who is interested in making a sale.  If you have any questions, shoot us an email;  We would love to get to know you.