Glock Trigger Overtravel Stop

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You have probably heard me say that your Glock trigger will never feel like your 1911 trigger.  The two systems are so radically different in form and function that it is impossible to replicate that wonderful 1911 feeling. I recently had a customer come to me for help with the overtravel on his Glock.  He is an avid 1911 shooter who didn’t know if he could make the transition to the Glock.  He was interested in the Ghost Rocket Trigger...

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MCC Ghost Dealer

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MCC is the newest addition to the Ghost family.  As many of you the Ghost products are the best when it comes to doing a trigger job on your Glock.  They also sell some great mag releases and sights you may want to check out.  If Ghost has it we can take care of it for you from a sales and installation standpoint.  If you have been thinking about tweaking your Glock, now is the time!

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3.5# Connector

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Many of you may be wondering why you hear about a trigger job that has a “Genuine Glock” 3.5# connector. As of the last armorer’s course I took, Glock did not sell this part or the amphibious spring cups to the general public. They have restricted these parts to L/E only. An armorer may order them, but it must be done with departmental letterhead. Why? The only reason that was given is that they moved it to L/E to diminish...

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Glock Trigger Job

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Glocks are no doubt a fine weapons, and there aren’t that many modifications that really seem necessary. A few weeks ago, we talked about changing the sights and getting a trigger job. Today we are going to discuss the trigger job in more detail. We offer four basic types of trigger jobs, but one of them is never requested, so really it’s three. The one never requested is giving the gun the so called “NY” trigger named...

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