You have probably heard me say that your Glock trigger will never feel like your 1911 trigger.  The two systems are so radically different in form and function that it is impossible to replicate that wonderful 1911 feeling.

I recently had a customer come to me for help with the overtravel on his Glock.  He is an avid 1911 shooter who didn’t know if he could make the transition to the Glock.  He was interested in the Ghost Rocket Trigger because the overtravel can be adjusted.

As you can see from the above photo there is a tab that can be adjusted to precisely stop the overtravel that can hurt accuracy.  The Rocket cuts the pull to a very smooth pull of #3.5.  I actually think that the Rocket is probably the best connector that Ghost offers as far as the actual feel once it is installed. We generally don’t use it because of the extra cost to the customer ($75 for a trigger job with the Rocket installed), but it definitely makes a noticeable difference.

If you have a good 1911 setup but are a little frustrated with your Glock, give it a try.  You might find that it really does make a big difference in how you think about your Glock.