Many of you may be wondering why you hear about a trigger job that has a “Genuine Glock” 3.5# connector. As of the last armorer’s course I took, Glock did not sell this part or the amphibious spring cups to the general public. They have restricted these parts to L/E only. An armorer may order them, but it must be done with departmental letterhead.

Why? The only reason that was given is that they moved it to L/E to diminish liability. You can still get the 3.5 connector in any of the tactical/practical models (34 or 35), but it is probably not going to happen in most cases for your trigger job.

Some dealers offer a Genuine Glock 3.5# connector, but you can get the Ghost Connector from any number of places including Brownell’s. Ghost offers two different versions that we have tried, and that will be discussed further in another post. So it’s not the end of the world if you use the Ghost instead.

Does it matter? Not really, but someone may tell you it does. This is probably the same person who wants you to buy a tactical ear light.