The Complexity of CCW

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One of the things that I get asked every week is how to choose the right handgun for someone.  If that person is simply going to keep the gun at home for personal defense the answer is easier to discover.  However, if they plan on carrying the gun for CCW or off duty  work the answer isn’t as simple.  It’s kind of like asking what clothes you need to buy this year. Obviously for off duty carry the main goal is to have a firearm...

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Cold Weather Affects

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As I am sure you know, the weather affects many things in shooting.  A cartridge left in the sun during the summer will build pressure adding another variable to the shot.  This is why so many precision shooters keep dope books (not that kind, dope means information in the shooting world) for every rifle that they have.  They want to know what bullet is going to do on a cold bore or a rifle that hasn’t been fired. Now that the weather is...

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