As I am sure you know, the weather affects many things in shooting.  A cartridge left in the sun during the summer will build pressure adding another variable to the shot.  This is why so many precision shooters keep dope books (not that kind, dope means information in the shooting world) for every rifle that they have.  They want to know what bullet is going to do on a cold bore or a rifle that hasn’t been fired.

Now that the weather is getting colder you need to make sure you know how your weapons systems will respond.  It is good to test your ammo again.  It might be important to test your lubrication methods.  I have a friend in Alaska who generally uses a dry lube because about this time of year it starts getting seriously cold.

Cold weather also may mean gloves for those of you behind the shield.  I always wore a Kevlar glove to prevent sticks.  I can’t over state the fact that you need to practice with the gloves on.  Make sure they give you enough dexterity to operate your weapon.

Finally, the cold weather brings out jackets which make your CCW options exponential.  I guess for many this is the most wonderful time of the year!