It has been a very wet week, and it got me thinking about the new Woolrich Breathable Parka.  You by now know how much we think of the Woolrich Elite Series of clothing.  They are well constructed, a great value, and are highly functional.

Recently we tested their parka.  I took this parka to Ukraine with me two weeks ago because our host told us we would probably need a good raincoat.  Not only did it serve to keep me dry, but it was a great outer layer when the weather turned cold.

The coat has all the tactical pockets you expect from Woolrich, but it also looks great.  My favorite feature is the hood that is contained in a velcro pouch so it’s not flopping around.  The hood can also be unzipped from the jacket if you want to take it off completely.

These are a great addition for your fall.  Not only will they provide you everything you need for CCW or duty needs, but they also look good enough to wear around town.  Check them out at Woolrich.