We recently had the opportunity to test the Woolrich Elite Lighweight Pants.  These pants have all the features that you need in tactical pant, but they are made from a lighter material to make them comfortable for those in hotter climates.

No doubt Woolrich had operators in mind who have to play in the sand box on a regular basis, and these pants fit this mission well.  They are made from 1.5 ounces less thick material than the regular version, but other than that they are identical.

We tested these pants for several weeks including shooting several IDPA matches in them when temperatures rose above 90 degrees.  We found them to be very comfortable and free moving when performing any task associated with action shooting.

One feature we particularly like is the back pocket which has a smaller pocket inside it for a wallet.  Many pants in this category have a back pocket that feels as big as a rucksack.  Having a smaller pocket was nice for wallets and other items that you don’t want floating around.

Even those these pants are considerably lighter, they appear to be durable and hold up well for their intended purpose.  If you are going to shoot outside this summer, but don’t want to wear shorts, these pants should be considered.