With summer being upon  us we are getting into the natural lull that exists in the shooting sports.  Things are hotter, and hot metal doesn’t sound like a great afternoon off.  As things slow down for us, I wanted to remind you of our turn around time.

Glock Work: 1 Week

Revolver Trigger Jobs: 1 Week

Packages like the Ruger SP101 and SM-1 Shotgun: 2 Weeks

We have most everything we need in stock right now to get you customized fast.  So take advantage of the lull to get your work done now.  We ship out 1 week to the day your firearm arrives.

Keep watching the free section under categories to see the next job that is going to be offered for free.  All you have to do is pay parts and shipping and the work is free.  You can see the comments from our first recipient here.