The other day I was at an outdoors store with a friend when I noticed something that really deserves a tactical award. Many of you are familiar with the 5.11 line of tactical clothing. They make some really great stuff, including a vest that many IDPA competitors are wearing. Good for IDPA, bad for a day at the mall.


What amazes me about these vests is how many people feel like they are great concealment garments for every day life. If you are wearing this out and about you are screaming GUN!! at the top of your lungs, beside the fact that you look like you just arrived back from safari. The idea is to not draw attention to yourself, but too many people don’t get that. Wearing a tactical vest to the mall is almost as cool as wearing blue socks and sandals; but not quite. Yes, it’s actually worse.

As soon as I saw the gentleman wearing this vest it was painfully obvious he was carrying because the gun was printing so badly. If you are going to carry concealed, do it inconspicuously. After all that is the point of the word concealed.