In many places deer season has already ended, or will end soon. There are several things that you can do to make sure that you have a great and successful hunting season next year. First, if you hunted with a muzzle loader be sure that you unload it at your range by firing it one last time. Although many people will, don’t leave it loaded over the off season. It is too easy to forget and double charge it. Before you put it up for the season, make sure you clean it well. We gunsmiths love to see you coming in with a stuck plug. It’s our gain and your preventable loss.

Take the same precautions with your rifle and make sure that you put a light coat of oil on it before it makes it back to your safe. If you can help it, don’t store it in a cloth case. It will rust because the cloth will attract and keep moisture.

Finally, take a day to organize your gear. Go over your tree stand very carefully to make sure it is in good shape. If it looks damaged replace it. It also won’t hurt to inventory your camo gear to make sure you won’t need to replace any of it. If you do find yourself needing to replace some, now is the time to buy as many stores will have large closeout sales.

Happy off season!!