Many of you, no doubt, are interested in protecting your family so you have made the decision to become proficient with your handgun.  If you practice this lifestyle let me tell you what I think is the foundation of any system you employ while out on the street.

You might think it is a particular firearm.  We assume you have chosen a quality firearm of your preference.  If you like it, and it works for you then you already have that covered.

You might think of it as the holster you choose.  Many of our readers ask what we like to use.  The truth of it is, we use quality kydex and leather from a variety of makers whenever they suit our purposes.

The foundation of any carry system is your belt.  It makes no difference if you have the fastest draw in Tombstone, and you firearm is the best.  A belt holds it all together.

It’s often funny to me that we spend upwards of $500 on a firearm, but go to Walmart for our belts.  If you are carrying off duty or as a citizen, a belt keeps the foundation stable.  The last thing you want as an off duty cop is for the bad guys to see you printing through a jacket.  A flimsy belt will not allow your holster to keep the firearm close to your body. Gun belts are sturdy and made specifically for the task.

Take some time to look over the following links of belt manufacturers.  You will find many styles and price points.  Even the cheapest gun belt is better than any belt you will get at the mall.



Milt Sparks

Wild Bill’s