Remington's Time Tested Shotguns

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Remington is no stranger to the world of shotgunners.  We have been using them forever with great success on hunting trips, in the field of competition and on the streets our cops patrol.  What you may not realize is how Remington streamlined manufacturing to give you some of the best shotguns ever produced. Remington introduced the model 58 in 1956.  It was in production until 1963.  In 1959 they introduced the model 878 that ran until 1963 as...

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Do You Need A Recoil Pad

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I recently had a customer bring in a Remington Model 58 to get it cleaned in preparation for a pheasant hunt in South Dakota.  The gun was his father’s so it carrys some sentimental value, but one thing it needed was a recoil pad. He needed a pad for several reasons; 1. the length of pull 2. the gun kicks like a mule. Length of pull is something that does more than just make the gun comfortable, it allows the shotgunner to mount the gun...

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Remington 58

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Recently we had a customer bring a Remington 58 into the shop for service and repair.  The gun showed visible signs of rust on the 60% of the barrel and the frame was badly pitted.  The customer wanted the surface rust removed and functionality restored. If you own one of these guns, you may be aware that there is virtually no information available for take down procedures and parts are not cataloged anymore.  Even though you may not know much...

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