I recently had a customer bring in a Remington Model 58 to get it cleaned in preparation for a pheasant hunt in South Dakota.  The gun was his father’s so it carrys some sentimental value, but one thing it needed was a recoil pad.

He needed a pad for several reasons; 1. the length of pull 2. the gun kicks like a mule.

Length of pull is something that does more than just make the gun comfortable, it allows the shotgunner to mount the gun quickly without adjustment.  When you raise the gun you shouldn’t have to adjust your sight line if your length of pull is correct.

Obviously it makes sense that you don’t want to get hammered every time you pull the trigger so the pad helps there as well.  You will be able to shoot more rounds without developing a flinch.  Most guns now come with a pad, but many of the older ones don’t have them.  This is an inexpensive fix for your old gun.  You should be able to get the pad and have it installed for less than $100 in most shops.  We did his for around $65.