Black Friday Specials

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Many of you are aware of Mossy Creek Arms. For those of you who are not yet familiar here is your chance. Mossy Creek Custom has teamed up with a new partnership to form Mossy Creek Arms. We  manufacture AR-15’s that you need to see and sell some of the great gun gear that goes with it.  Our president has authorized some cool sales on the stuff we carry for the holiday that you need to check out. On Black Friday there will be a limited...

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Viridian Green Lasers

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I have been around lasers for many years now as an LEO and gunsmith.  I have used them personally, and feel like they give you a distinct advantage in certain situations.  I was however, new to the green lasers put out by Viridian.  They are simply awesome.  The green laser is incredibly easy to see in day or night conditions. Jim at Mossy Creek Arms has several of these in stock including the C5L which is an incredible laser light combo...

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