Tactical Polos

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Spring has arrived in Nashville after a long winter that seemed like it didn’t want to end.  We have seen those wonderful days that start to call for a short sleeved shirt.  My regular attire for the rest of the summer will include some sort of Polo shirt so I thought I would give you my thoughts on Tactical Polos that are available today.  We requested shirts from 5.11, Woolrich Elite, Blackhawk! and Eotac.  We received shirts from...

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5.11 Professional Polo

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We have just received the 5.11 Professional Polo for review.  It will be included in our Tactical Polo review along with items from Blackhawk! and Woolrich Elite.  At first glance the 5.11 shirt looks really nice, and feels great too. We still haven’t heard anything from Eotac yet.  Perhaps they will send something this week.  We were hoping to have all four companies represented, but we will move forward if something doesn’t shake...

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