Last weekend we held a class for the TN Handgun Carry Permit.  This is always a fun class to teach, because so many of the shooters are newer to the shooting disciplines and don’t have the bad habits already formed.  They literally soak up every thing you have to say and start shooting better by the end of the day.

At the end of the class we let the students shoot many of our personal guns so they can get a feel for what’s out there.  One special treat is that one our instructors has a Pac-Lite conversion for his Ruger Mark III.

These conversions come threaded for the addition of a suppressor.  An interesting thing about the Ruger line of 22’s is that what you think is the upper is actually considered the gun.  That means you will have to do paper work on the Pac-Lite to own one.  It is classified as a gun and is serialized.

The conversion will run anywhere from $250-$350 and the paper work for the suppressor cost $200.  The can will be $200 and up.  It isn’t cheap, but if you have a friend who owns one it is great fun.

It is neat to be able to shoot one of the guns you have seen in the movies and hear the difference.   With subsonic ammo, these are very, very quiet.  I found the following video on youtube to demonstrate.  At one point he is running ammo that is so quiet it has turned the gun into a single shot pistol requiring the shooter to cock it each time.