My cousin is a big fan of a group of guys who train here in TN, called Tactical Response.  He has been to several of their classes, and recently let me preview their Fighting Rifle video.

James Yeager, the owner of TR, goes into great detail to give the viewers a look inside his school and method of instruction.  The 3 DVD set covers everything from shooting positions, reloads, firing drills, and gear selection.  What new shooters may find most helpful is the section on setting up your rifle.  It is clear that Yeager’s experience in L/E and the sandbox has given him a firm grasp on what works and what doesn’t.  He goes over all of it so that if you decide to attend one his classes you will be prepared.  As you well know, the AR can be configured in a myriad of different ways, so be careful before you buy.

The live fire drills covered are very interesting, and practical.  Everything TR teaches has a battle mindset.  Of particular interest is the section on cover and concealment.  Watch the video, and you won’t take cover behind a car again.

Yeager’s seems to be a gifted teacher whose teaching style is very clear and methodical.  His opinions are well formed, and his train of thought is easy to follow.  You don’t get lost from wanderings that make no sense.

The videos are shot very well my criticisms are few and simple.  You don’t want to watch this video with young ears around.  The language at times is not appropriate, and after all these years is still something that continues to baffle me.  I just don’t see the point.

The other odd criticism I have is that at several points in the video Yeager engages in a conversation with someone who has obviously written or said something challenging to his system of instruction.  In the tactical world teacher’s become very defensive of their styles.  My comment to this would be that defending yourself against the internet is simply a waste of time.  If you are right, you don’t need a defense, and if you are wrong you don’t have one, so just leave it alone.  The personal stuff should have been left out.

Overall I would give these videos a 9 out of 10, and I personally plan on continuing my training with one of their classes in the near future.  Go to to purchase them if you are interested in learning more about the fighting rifle.