There is a post on the Tactical Shooting Forums right now that is giving the XD quite a thrashing.  The problem seems to be long term reliability.  I personally don’t have many rounds logged behind an XD so I can’t add to the discussion.  If you have had any types of issues,  you might want to follow-up on this post.  Springfield is a good company that should want to stand behind its work.  Perhaps they will change some policies about repair if enough people complain.

The crux of the issue surrounds “factory fit” parts.  This is the worst thing in the world for most of the shooting community.  Some manufacturers practice this on certain parts that they will not sell to gunsmiths or individuals.  Sounds great except they stroke you for shipping both ways.

I recently had this with a Ruger part.  The part adds tension to the cylinder release.  It looks like a small screw and cost $1.50.  Guess what?  Factory fit.  The only real problem was that the tech I was talking to couldn’t even find it on their schematic.  I had to pull up the manual off of their website to show him.  I guess I’m not qualified to fit a $1.50 part that the factory can’t even find.  Thank you Numrich for having obsolete parts like this.

By the way, you can get all the Glock parts you ever wanted.