We had an officer shot this week in Nashville who remains in the hospital.  By all accounts he was a good guy trying his best to do a good job.  While on a routine traffic stop, he was shot in the worst place; the side of his vest.  I am sure there will be many reports filed and lessons learned, but I want to remind all of our LEO’s to work extra hard this week on situational awareness.

Many of you are familiar with the color code concept.  Walk around in condition yellow they tell us.  We all here it, but it is good to be reminded that whatever you call it, you must never take your guard down.  Make sure that you do thorough pat downs.  Make sure you have had enough rest for that midnight shift.  Make sure you aren’t talking to a loved on the cell phone.

Situational awareness is more than traffic stops, uniforms and tactics.  It is a decision to live your life that way.  Once you have made that choice your odds of going home at the end of the shift just increased.  Stay alert.  You only get one chance!

By the way, they found the two men responsible.  Luckily for the them, they were not apprehended in the same manner as they chose to employ.  Best wishes to our LEO’s, and a heartfelt thanks.