By this time you have probably heard about Sig Sauer’s latest entry into the handgun market. If you have not, it is a customizable weapon that can have the grip thickness changed to fit each hand, and it can also be transformed from 9mm, 357 sig, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. Sig’s promotion centers around the 250’s versatility. They speak of using the same gun on different missions, and the various ways that it will impact the concealed weapons crowd, but one has to wonder how practical these features really are.

In most shops this gun will probably sell for a little under $650. This price point is not unreasonable, but it is almost $100 higher than the Glocks that seem to be a little more popular at this time. The interesting thing is that the caliber conversions will sell over $400. I wonder how many of our Law Enforcement contracts that use Sig products would actually spend that kind of money for a caliber conversion? Most of the departments that we deal with are not going to spend that kind of money for a caliber conversion.

Where I believe this gun and others like it that have the interchangeable backstraps can be valuable is for the differing hand sizes that are in every department. It goes back to what we believe for competitive shooters. Never alter the shooter to the gun. Always alter the gun to fit the shooter. In this respect I think the Sig brings something to the table that can be very useful for a family of shooters or a Law Enforcement Department.