One of the debated questions today concerns how much spare ammo you should carry.  Police often carry 2 spare magazines bringing their ammo to around 45 or 46 rounds.  Obviously most people in Law Enforcement will never have to use their pistol in the line of duty, much less discharge anywhere near that kind of round count.  So if most encounters only require a few rounds, why bother withe the extra hassle?

If you carry an autoloading pistol, you need to carry a spare magazine.  The main reason is that the magazine is the weak link in the pistol’s system.  The majority of feeding problems can be traced to magazine malfunctions.  If you are in a tight spot when your gun jams, you will better off if you have a spare mag handy so that you can jettison the mag in the gun and clear the malfunction, inserting a fresh magazine into the gun.

Another tactical reason is that it balances the weight on your belt somewhat.  I know this is lame, but I figured some of you won’t take to heart the real reason, so something to do with fashion might influence you.