If you haven’t looked at the Ruger LCP for CCW, you are missing a great pistol.  Our retail arm, Mossy Creek Arms,  has been selling the LCP’s as fast as we can get them in.  In fact, I met a customer at the shop this weekend to complete the sale of a used Glock 19.  But when he saw the LCP he quickly changed his mind.

The LCP has several upsides.  First, it is in .380 caliber and not .32.  That small change makes it better for CCW.  Second, the LCP is so light that you will easily be able to carry it all day without radically changing your lifestyle.  It does you no good to have a CCW permit and gun that you don’t carry.  This gun will easily slip into a front pocket with the DeSantis Super Fly holster pictured below.

The only drawbacks to the LCP are the sights and number of magazines included.  The sights are super small.  This isn’t necessarily a hindrance in the CCW world, but if you are looking for a range gun, this isn’t it. Its small size will make it a little uncomfortable.  Also, the gun is only supplied with one magazine.  This is a departure from most semi-automatics that generally come with two.

You probably won’t enjoy a day at the range with this one for all day plinking, but if you need a discreet CCW you should definitely check it out.  Contact Mossy Creek Arms for pricing.