I mentioned the other day that I was having a little difficulty because of a mistake I had made in modifying the gas port on a Remington 1100.  I had to replace the customer’s barrel with a factory new 21″ barrel that came with two choke tubes, a wrench and rifle sights.

Yesterday I took it to the range for function testing and evaluation.  It was a great expereince.  It gobbled up every bit of ammo I threw in it and forcefully ejected the empites into a nice clean pile.

The rifle sights made a huge difference in long range shooting.  For me they make the sight picture clearer on all shots.  There is a lot of debate out there about which sights make you faster.  If memory serves me correctly, D.R. Middlebrooks has said that the bead is faster on everything in the testing that he has done.  He is certainly a reliable source, and one that I trust.  If you are going to be shooting stages with lots of steel where you will be using slugs, this could be the setup for you.  Likewise, it would be a great home defense setup.

Either way it made the gun handle great.  For $100 more you can add this to your SM-1 package saving you almost $100 off of the average sales cost.