Registration is still open for the July 10 and 17 classes for the TN Handgun Permit Class.  If you are interested contact us or sign up on the website.  We are looking forward to jumping off with these classes.  The July special is still available; bring 2 friends and you attend half price.  Bring 4 friends and you attend free!

We are also beginning to get our fall schedule under way.  We look forward to some of the neat stuff that will be happening on the range.  The biggest is the Advanced Pistol Class.  Registration is open to anyone who has been through the NRA Basic Pistol Course or has a valid TN Handgun Permit.

In the TN Handgun Permit Course you will be getting the very basics.  When we go to the range, it is to make sure you are proficient with your firearm.  When we get to the range in the Advanced Course you need to be ready to run that firearm.

This class will teach the fundamentals necessary to carry a weapon.  We cover things like drawing from concealment.  How to choose your gear.  What aftermarket accessories are good for the firearms you are carrying, and what is magazine hype.

Then we go to the range and pound it out for most of the day.  You will shoot about 200 round, but bring 300 just in case.  You will shoot moving, from the different positions and from behind barricades.  We will discuss cover and concealment.

If you are interested in learning more or you want to schedule a class, email us for more details.

p.s. We are training citizens to be good citizens.  We are not trying to prepare the next Special Forces Operators.  Hence, no one will be yelling at you, and no one will be beating you up.  We are starting you down the road to handgun mastery.  If you need smoke grenades and flashbangs, let me know.  I have some good schools to recommend!